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2016/17 Tryout Results

Tryout results are now being posted for the 2016/17 season. Please check back regularly for results.

Click here for boys tryout results

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2016-17 Tryout Schedule

The tryout schedule for the 2016-2017 season has been posted. Click here for details.

USA Coaches List 2016 / 2017

Here are the coaches for 2016 /2017.

Click here for coaches list.

USA Meet and Greet Event

Fellow members of the USA Club,
We are asking for your attendance and support of a ‘USA Meet and Greet event’.
The entire USA coaching staff will be assembled from 8-9:30pm, next Tuesday, April 19, at the CR Hamilton Pavilion (13700 S 3800 W, Riverton).  Please come join us, meet our Head coaches, discuss the upcoming changes in youth soccer, and ask questions of our USA coaching staff.
Light refreshments will be provided.
Have an excellent day!
Dick Kunz, Jr.
VP/Administrative Director
Utah Soccer Alliance

Black Diamond FC Joins USA

Fellow members of the Utah Soccer Alliance family, please read through this email, as well as the attachment;

USA-BDFC Press Release-Membership

We are pleased to announce, Black Diamond FC has joined the Utah Soccer Alliance (USA) family.  The merger of Utah Soccer Alliance and Black Diamond FC will bring more opportunities to players, coaches, and teams, as we join together and move forward into a bright and successful future.

The attached press release of the merger has been sent to Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA) and will be emailed to the general public later this week.

Beginning with the Spring 2016 season, the merger will be implemented, as follows;

  • The current Black Diamond FC teams will be renamed and known as Black Diamond FC USA or Black Diamond USA.
  • Coaches will gain the ability to Club pass and share players between the current BDFC and USA teams.  This will provide more opportunity for players to move between teams and play, based on their needs, as well the needs of each team.

Beginning with the next tryouts cycle, May/June 2016;

  • The Black Diamond FC teams will be known as ‘USA’ teams, while continuing to participate and play in the downtown Salt Lake Metro area.
  • These teams will hold tryouts for all age groups.  The tryout, training, and game fields will remain the same; Rowland Hall, East HS, Highland HS, West HS.
  • The teams will wear the current Adidas branded, USA uniforms kits.  More details will become available closer to tryouts.
  • Future player registration will be with Utah Soccer Alliance.

Please feel free to contact us directly, ask questions, and share your thoughts with the USA Executive Board of Directors at tonight’s Annual General Meeting.  We are incredibly excited for the future!

Dennis Burrows
Director of Coaching
USA Soccer Club

2016 USA Annual General Meeting

Greetings parents, players, coaches, and members of the USA Board of Directors,

The upcoming 2016 USA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held from 7-8:30pm on Monday, March 28th at the CR Hamilton Pavilion, 13800 S 3700 W, Riverton, UT.

Your attendance and participation is requested, encouraged, and will be greatly appreciated.

The major events of the evening will be;

  1. The annual State of the Club address.
  2. Announcement of notable Club achievements.
  3. Presentation of Miguel A. Nunez scholarship award recipients.
  4. Acknowledgement of USA Comp ‘Coach of the Year’ award recipients.
  5. Recognition of USA Board members leaving their position for other opportunities.
  6. Introduction of newly appointed USA Advisory Board members.

Unfortunately, the previously announced election of Parent Representatives, to the Executive Board of Directors, was made in error.  And it was solely my error, the USA bylaws were revised, June 2015, changing the position of Parent Representative to a 2 year term.

Once the official USA Club annual business has concluded, we will change the meeting to a less formal format, encouraging interactive discussions.  We will plan to address individual concerns, address specific questions, and be available for discussions with members of the USA Club.

Thank you,
-Dick Kunz, Jr.
VP/Administrative Director
Utah Soccer Alliance
(385) 226-0357

2016 Spring USA Competition Goal Keeper Training

The 2016 Spring USA Competition Goal Keeper training sessions will begin this Friday (3/18) and continue thru the Spring season.
The GK training sessions will be held Rosamond Elementary (12195 S 1975 W, Riverton, UT)
-U13 thru U18's will train from 4-5pm
-U9 thru U12's will train from 5-6pm.
Former player and GK Trainer Hailee DeYoung will be our GK trainer until further notice.
And a notable item to share, AJ Snell, our previous GK trainer, is currently in Turkey, competing for a roster spot with an international team.  Please wish him well and send him your positive thoughts.

Please notify ALL Goal Keepers as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Dennis Burrows
USA Director of Coaching

2016 USA Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Greetings fellow members of the USA Soccer Club,

The 2016 USA Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) is just around the corner, on Monday, March 28, 2016.
An e-mail will be sent in the very near future, notifying all Club members of the exact time, location, and planned events for the 2016 USA Club AGM.
One of the major tasks will be to elect two (2) Parent Representatives to the Executive Board of Directors.  The current Parent Representatives are Broc Stutz and Mike Allen.  Nominations for the Parent Representative positions will be accepted until midnight, Friday, March 25, 2016.
Please submit nominations to;
Dick Kunz, Jr.

Thank you,
USA Executive Board of Directors

Important Message

Coaches, parents, and players
As the USA Club prepares for the mandated US Soccer Birth Year re-alignment policy, we are scheduling evaluation and training sessions for each age and gender group.
The USA Club will hold several evaluation and training sessions on Saturday, March 12, 2016, at Rosamond Elementary (12195 South 1975 West, Riverton, UT. 84065),  as scheduled below;
2007 birth year girls and boys, 9:00 - 10:00am.
2006 birth year girls and boys, 10:00 - 11:00am.
2005 birth year girls and boys, 11:00 - Noon.

We will hold sessions for the older age groups at a later date.  They may be slightly different than the sessions this coming Saturday.

Also, We will be reviewing and evaluating all the age groups for the new birth year groups before tryouts.
Player participation is HIGHLY recommended.  Our staff coaches will be there to evaluate and train the players.  Our Board members will be there to answer questions.
Thank you for your support. 

Dennis Burrows
Director of Coaching
USA Soccer Club

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Utah Soccer Alliance (USA) is one of the largest and most competitive clubs in the state.  It is the premier club on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

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