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USA Silent Saturday - May 3rd

As members of the Utah Soccer Alliance Sportsmanship Committee, we are proud to introduce an upcoming "Silent Saturday."
On May 3rd, 2014, USA is asking for full participation from parents, family, fans and spectators.  We are asking for club wide support and adherence to a few simple guidelines at your player's match.
CLAPPING ONLY - combined with the use of noise makers and rattles (horns not permitted). In other words!  Not to players, refs, or opponents.  If your son or daughter scores a goal, we encourage all parents to stand and clap.  
This is an effort from the USA Sportsmanship Committee to demonstrate our acknowledgement of and dedication to our commitment to being a club that is focused on sportsmanship - and we are asking for your help!
Your silence will show your ability to support your athlete without the possibility of offending a ref, player or opponent.  In addition, your verbal silence also allows for the coach's communication and guidance to the player to be heard clearly and concisely.
If by chance you slip up - coaches and assistants will be "armed" with suckers.  The suckers are a friendly reminder of the effort behind "Silent Saturday."  
We are also making an effort extend this invite to the director of coaching for each club that we play against in order to encourage participation by all teams and sidelines.
Your support is greatly appreciated!
USA Sportsmanship Committee

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